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Hosting Iceland is one of the leading Icelandic hosting provider websites. All our services are also available in English. Every web hosting plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 99,9% uptime guarantee. Below you can see the hosting plans we are currently offering. We are currently able to offer our Silver, Gold, Ultra and Custom plans on Icelandic servers.





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Basic Plan

1 GB Disk space
100 GB traffic
3 emails
30 -day money back guarantee!

Silver Plan

3 GB Disk space
300 GB traffic
5 emails
30 -day money back guarantee!

Gold Plan

5 GB Disk space
500 GB traffic
Unlimited emails
30 -day money back guarantee!

Ultra Plan

20 GB Disk space
2 TB traffic
Unlimited emails
30 -day money back guarantee!

VPS & Dedi

Linux servers
Windows servers
Fully managed
Fully customizable!

Cpanel Plan

Cpanel platform
Auto script installer
Trendy Site builder
Mailing lists
Why to choose our services and host in Iceland?

Freedom of expression:
- New legislation in Iceland (Icelandic Modern Media Initiative "IMMI") provides safe haven for journalists, publishers, leakers and bloggers to host their websites without being harashed. Iceland is not part of the European Union and is completely independent nation. You can read more about the freedom of expression in Iceland here.

- We are providing the most affordable web hosting plans in Iceland. Starting from only 3,60 per month. Our billing system is simple and there are no hidden costs or fees. You can pay securely by credit card or PayPal.

- All of our hosting plans are hosted on professional server which is connected to high speed network. That is how we can ensure your web site is always loading fast. Every hosting plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 99,9% guaranteed uptime. 

- What you need right now is what you are paying for. We don't charge extra if you wish to upgrade your hosting plan in the future. You will only pay the difference for the upgrade. Our custom web hosting plan offers fully customized service for your needs.

Help desk:
- Professional customer care will be assisting you always when you need help with your web hosting plan. You can contact our help desk by phone or email 24/7/365.




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